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The Brazos County Sheriff’s Office has seen tremendous growth over the past 23 years and will continue to evolve as the population of Brazos County increases. I am so proud to work alongside the men and women at the Sheriff’s Office. They work hard every single day to make Brazos County a leader in service, operations, technology, and innovation.

During my tenure as Jail Administrator, we have hosted both law enforcement and corrections professionals from across the United States and around the world to share our best practices. They want to know how we do it in Brazos County. That is a testament to our current Sheriff and my coworkers who take tremendous pride in making the Sheriff’s Office a leader in the law enforcement community.

With all that has been accomplished, there is more work to be done.  Brazos County is growing and our community is changing. The Sheriff’s Office must be prepared for new challenges. I have outlined the most pressing issues that our community currently faces and my approach to addressing these issues to ensure a stronger and safer community.

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