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Meet Wayne


I was born in Brazos County 54 years ago and raised near S. College Ave. just close enough to Texas A&M to hear the Aggie Band playing at halftime from my backyard.  Brazos County has always been my home. Vicki and I have three adult children and two grandchildren.


From a young age, I always wanted to work for the sheriff’s office and I still remember the day in 1986 when I crossed what is now William Joel Bryan Parkway after an interview with Jail Administrator John Godfrey.  I was carrying a hand full of white uniform shirts and a small tin badge. I had just been hired as a jailer. I was so proud, I can’t remember anything but staring at the brown patches on those shirts. It was the beginning of a career that has spanned more than thirty years and three different sheriffs.


During my career with the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, I have served in various capacities including jail officer, patrol deputy, first line supervisor, and second line supervisor. On five separate occasions I have been promoted within the Office.  In 1997, Sheriff Kirk presented me with an opportunity that changed my life and my career. An opportunity to truly learn the inside operation of the Sheriff’s Office.


In 23 years of overseeing the Detention Division operations for the Brazos County Sheriff's Office, I have gained tremendous hands-on experience in creating, developing, and implementing strategic initiatives within the office. I have a proven track record of leadership within the Sheriff’s Office. 


The first opportunity for me to serve in a leadership role within the Sheriff’s Office came in 1991. I was tasked to lead the transition into the Minimum Security Jail and later became the first Sergeant to supervise operations at the new jail.  I helped coordinate the construction of the maximum security expansion of that same facility in 2000. We added another building in 2004 specifically to hold the back-log of prisoners sentenced to state prison.  With the support of Commissioners Court, Sheriff Kirk and I developed a long-term plan for the future of Brazos County that included a $55 million jail expansion of the facility on Sandy Point Road. I directly supervised the planning, design, construction, and transition into a world-class direct supervision facility.

As the Jail Administrator, I serve in a command level position. This means that I am directly responsible for the direct supervision and management of more than 180 Sheriff’s Office personnel and an annual budget of $15 million dollars. During my tenure I have supported our involvement in State and National organizations to ensure we are on the cutting edge of innovation. I have served as President of both the American Jail Association and the Texas Jail Association. And in 2010,  I was recognized by my law enforcement peers as the recipient of the Jerry Baggs Leadership Award from the Texas Jail Association.

I firmly believe that we must cultivate the next generation of criminal justice leaders. 

I have devoted countless hours serving as an instructor, commissioner, and board member to several professional law enforcement organizations in an effort to teach others; to promote professional growth; and develop best practices. 


As you review my credentials and learn more about me, I believe that you will find that I am the right choice to lead the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office into the future. I have the leadership skills and the experience necessary to lead a large organization, manage change and solve problems. I have worked with elected officials and department heads throughout Brazos County to make our community safer and stronger.

I would truly appreciate your vote on November 3, 2020 in the General Election


The Right Choice.

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