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The Criminal Justice System serves a crucial purpose of holding people accountable for their criminal behavior. When a court imposes a period of incarceration, it must be done with consistency and according to the laws and constitution. However, it is also vital to ensure that the period of incarceration is productive and leads to successful re-entry into the community upon release. Re-entry programs focus on five areas of concern: community safety, employment, education, health care, and housing. Implementing programs that address any of these areas has been shown to reduce crime and improve community safety.

In recognition of the need for dedicated personnel to manage re-entry efforts, a Re-Entry Specialist position was created in collaboration with Sheriff Kirk and the County Commissioners. This has resulted in substantial improvements in our re-entry programs. Programs for adult education, life skills, and cognitive behavior are already in place and have been popular. Additionally, the Facility Maintenance Program, designed to provide education in facility maintenance and increase job placement chances upon release, has been implemented in partnership with the RELLIS campus and Blinn College.

These programs are essential in reducing crime, improving life chances, and making Brazos County a great place to live. It is important to continue to develop and implement programs that support successful re-entry into our communities.

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