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Succession Planning

Succession planning is a crucial aspect of any organization, including law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle with executing effective succession planning strategies. However, the author of this text is committed to promoting professional growth, developing best practices, and influencing the next generation of law enforcement professionals.

Sheriff Wayne Dicky has dedicated nearly three decades to serving as an instructor, commissioner, and board member in various professional law enforcement organizations. He believes that investing in the development and education of personnel is essential to ensure that the next generation of law enforcement professionals is competent and innovative in their approach to law enforcement.

Wayne has benefited from the investment of his peers and mentors, which has led him to leadership roles in state and national organizations. He is committed to providing similar opportunities for personnel in the Sheriff's Office to continue their professional development and achieve personal growth. By doing so, he hopes to create a future group of law enforcement professionals who are effective, innovative, and committed to serving their community.

If reelected to serve as your Sheriff, Wayne will continue his efforts to promote professional growth, develop best practices, and influence the next generation of law enforcement professionals in Brazos County. He firmly believes that investing in the future of law enforcement is essential to ensure a safer and more secure community for all.

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