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Succession Planning

While most organizations realize the importance of succession planning, few actually execute it well. For over two decades, I have devoted countless hours serving as an instructor, commissioner, and board member to several professional law enforcement organizations in an effort to teach others, to promote professional growth, and develop best practices. And as your next Sheriff, I will continue working to develop, educate, and influence the next generation of law enforcement professionals. 


Throughout my 33 years of service to Brazos County, countless individuals have personally invested in my future.  From my nomination to attend the F.B.I. National Academy to the sponsorship that allowed me to attend the Leadership Command College, gracious support from peers and mentors has provided me with incredible opportunities. Eventually leading to leadership roles in State and National organizations. 


I am committed to investing in opportunities for Sheriff’s Office personnel to continue professional development and achieve personal growth. It is my belief that this investment will provide Brazos County with a future group of law enforcement professionals that are effective and innovative in their approach to law enforcement.

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