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The Brazos County Sheriff's Office has taken a proactive approach to law enforcement by embracing modern technology and encouraging innovative thinking among its staff. This approach has resulted in a more efficient and connected department, with deputies having access to the best communication system in the country, thanks to the implementation of the "FirstNet" band class 14 communication infrastructure.

Over the past five years, the Sheriff's Office has researched and implemented innovative tools to streamline operations and enhance safety. These tools include electronic record-keeping for cell safety checks, managing the hiring process, and tracking employee performance. Plans for the future include implementing electronic medical records (EMR) and adopting classification and needs assessment software to ensure that reentry programs are being delivered effectively to the right people.

Brazos County Sheriff Wayne Dicky is committed to continuing this tradition of innovation and improving safety and efficiency within the office. The goal is to provide excellent service to the community by identifying the challenges of the office and seeking long-term solutions to those challenges. With a leader who understands the importance of technology and innovation in law enforcement, the Brazos County Sheriff's Office will continue to be a model for other public safety agencies across the country.

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