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The Sheriff’s Office has embraced technology in every area of operations. We have created a culture that encourages creative thought and pushes for innovative approaches to law enforcement. This approach has resulted in increased efficiency for deputies and staff, broader access to information in the field, and increased connectivity with first responders. All of which create safer communities.


In 2015, the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office became the first public safety agency in the United States to fully implement the “FirstNet” band class 14 communication infrastructure. Our deputies now have access to the best communication system in the country.  


Over the last 5 years, we have researched and implemented innovative tools designed to streamline operations and enhance safety. We have completed projects to electronically record cell safety checks, manage our hiring process, and track employee performance. Currently, we are implementing electronic medical records (EMR) and adopting a classification and needs assessment software to ensure reentry programs are being delivered to the right people effectively.


As the next Sheriff of Brazos County, I will continue to seek opportunities for innovation to improve safety and increase efficiency within the office.  It is my belief that with the continued growth of the Sheriff’s Office and improved service to our community, it is imperative that we select a leader that fully understands how to identify the challenges of the office and is dedicated to seeking long-term solutions to those challenges.

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