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Community Growth

We are blessed to live in a growing community with a thriving economy. It seems like we see a new neighborhood development, apartment complex, or business every week. It is a great place to live. Growth brings challenges. Issues that cannot be ignored. We must be prepared for the demands that a fast-growing community will continue to place on our criminal justice system.


Law Enforcement agencies in Brazos County work well together. Interlocal agreements for mutual aid help us prepare to work closely together in the event of emergencies. We also have partnerships to manage and share specialty resources like the mobile field force, sex offender registration, and S.W.A.T. Your law enforcement leaders communicate frequently and well.


I believe we can improve our local criminal justice system by using an active Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. This council will have representatives not only from law enforcement, but also institutional and community corrections, prosecutors, judges, and other stakeholders. The purpose of the CJCC is to develop fair, effective, and efficient strategies to address crime and improve our quality of life in Brazos County. I believe that this work group will help our community develop a strong comprehensive response to emerging challenges like homelessness, human trafficking, and school safety.

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