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Community Endorsements

"It is my hope that all my friends living in Brazos County will support and vote for Wayne Dicky, a candidate for Sheriff of Brazos County in the Republication primary, who I’ve known for many years and consider a close friend.

For the past 23 years, Brazos County has been blessed with an outstanding Sheriff in Chris Kirk, who has done an admirable job of leading a complex organization in addressing crime and promoting public safety. A key member of his administration has been Wayne Dicky, who now seeks the office following Chris’s decision not to pursue another term. It is significant to note that Chris has endorsed Wayne to succeed him.

Wayne, who has been with the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office for more than three decades and has held almost every position within the agency, has served as Jail Administrator for 22 years. In that capacity, he is responsible for an annual budget of $14 million and more than 180 employees. His able administration of the Detention Division has reflected favorably on the agency and on those of us who live in Brazos County.

A graduate of Sam Houston State University with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in criminal justice, Wayne holds a number of professional certifications as well; he is a Certified Jail Manager through the American Jail Association and a Certified Correctional Executive through the American Correctional Association. He is also a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy and the Leadership Command College of the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas.

Wayne is a recognized leader in the criminal justice profession, not only in Texas but nationally; he has served as President of both the Texas Jail Association and the American Jail Association. Too, he is frequently called upon to provide training and technical assistance to a number of law enforcement agencies and organizations. He is an instructor for the National Jail Leadership Command Academy and for several programs offered by the Correctional Management Institute of Texas.

Of the candidates seeking the office of Sheriff of Brazos County, none has the dedicated commitment or breadth of experience this position demands except Wayne Dicky. I hope you will join Donna and me in voting for Wayne in the Republican primary. Early voting commences on February 18 for the primary election on March 3, 2020."


Dan Beto

Executive Director (Retired)

Correctional Management Institute of Texas

Dan Beto
Phillip Nunez

"Moving to Bryan/College Station in 2014 as a non-Texan was both exciting and new, and I found myself wondering when and how I would meet the epitome of what a "Texas selfless-servant looks like." That day came sooner than expected when I joined the Bryan Noon Lions Club and met Wayne Dicky. I was immediately struck by his passion for Brazos County citizens, and his desire to elevate the quality of life for all, but what impressed me most was his eagerness to welcome my wife and me into the community and trust us to join him in his efforts. Wayne is the current president and board member of the Bryan Noon Lions. Wayne was also recently elected as a District Director of the Texas Lions Camp for disabled children in Kerrville. Over the course of six years, I have witnessed Wayne lead us time and again in projects focused on the needs of the community; i.e. providing glasses to children through Kid-Sight, making backpacks for children with the Brazos Valley Food Bank, downtown Bryan restoration through Texas Reds Festival Grape Stomp and Palace Theater clean-up, providing coats for children in need through the BISD Coat Project, and how filter kits can alleviate compromised water systems due to the likes of hurricanes such as Harvey.

But Wayne Dicky is so much more. Working with Wayne on the aforementioned projects was inspirational; however, it wasn't until I had the opportunity to tour the Brazos County jail through the Citizen Sheriff Academy, that I realized his compassion includes the prisoners under his supervision, as well. Being able to see the humanity in everyone is an essential trait of a "Texas selfless-servant." That person is Wayne Dicky. Wayne treats everyone with respect and genuinely cares for their well-being regardless of situation or circumstance - including a transplanted Floridian who now considers Brazos County home.

My wife and I will proudly cast our votes for Wayne Dicky for sheriff of Brazos County. You should, too!"

Phil Nunez

Gerald Popp

"It is heartening to me that as I vote in the Sheriff's race, I get to choose between two capable and deserving candidates. I will not be voting against someone or against some misplaced ideology. I am going with the candidate that to me has the best understanding and the most knowledge as to what it will take to continue the strong and capable leadership we enjoy from that office. In my humble opinion, Wayne Dicky is the best choice to be our next Sheriff. Wayne is a proven administrator, proven leader, and thoughtful decision-maker. And while these good traits come with the toughness and resolve it takes to be a fair and effective enforcer of the law, the real driver for Wayne is a servant's heart. Please consider voting for Wayne Dicky as your next Brazos County Sheriff."

Gerald Popp

"As a 50-year resident of Brazos County, I would like to recommend Wayne Dicky to serve as our next sheriff. With 30 years plus working in the Brazos County's jail as jail officer and in jail administration, Wayne is well-qualified to be sheriff.

Wayne is active in community activities. He is currently president of the Bryan Noon Lions Club and is a director of the Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville.

I would strongly encourage you to vote in the Republican Primary for Wayne Dicky as our next sheriff of Brazos County."


Paul A. Kunz

Paul Kunz
Eric Wylie

"I would like to ask for your vote for my friend, Wayne Dicky, who is running for Brazos County Sheriff. Wayne is community-minded, which is how we first met: in 1996, while we were both in the B/CS Chamber of Commerce Leadership Brazos program. Through the years, we have paralleled each other in many community activities such as Lion's Club (where he currently serves as President of his club) and Junior Leadership Brazos (where he has headed up Law Enforcement Day for over a decade). In addition, Wayne has been in charge of the Brazos County jail for 22 years, which comprises over 60% of the Sheriff's office budget, and has served as president of the Texas Jail Association and nationally as president of the American Jail Association. All of this makes him the only candidate fully qualified to hit the ground running as Sheriff from day one, and keep our Sheriff's office in great hands. Please vote for Wayne!"


Eric Wylie

The Leros

"We have been fortunate to have known and worked with Wayne Dicky for over 22 years.  Wayne was extremely active in 4-H shooting sports on both a local and state level, readily giving time and energy to the program and our youth. We have also witnessed Wayne in his professional role as an employee of Brazos County Sheriff Office and have no doubt he will use his leadership skills to be our next Great Sheriff.

Please go to the polls and vote, and yes, vote for Wayne Dicky!!!"


Eddie and Judy Lero

John Anderson

"I am pleased to support Wayne Dicky for the Sheriff of Brazos County.


Having known Wayne for over 10 years, I have seen his civic involvement in several activities in our community. He is a graduate of Leadership Brazos and was Chair of the Leadership Brazos Alumni Association for the years 2010 and 2011 and selected as Outstanding Alumni. 


A member of the Bryan noon Lions Club since 2006, he currently serves as its President and Lions Camp District Director. He served on the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement for 10 years. 


Wayne has served us in the Brazos County Sheriff's Office for approximately 30 years and has ably assisted Sheriff Chris Kirk to make it one of the best in the State of Texas. Please join me in voting for Wayne Dicky for the Sheriff of Brazos County."


John Anderson

The Krachts

"Wayne Dicky is definitely the most qualified candidate for the position of Brazos County Sheriff. During his 34 years in the Sheriff’s Office, Wayne has served as a patrol officer, trainer, and supervisor of hundreds of officers and staff, manager of a multi-million dollar budget, and administrator of the Brazos County Jail. As a member of the Command Staff of the Sheriff’s Office he has demonstrated innovative leadership in planning for the future. His record of achievement gives evidence of his abilities and his contributions to the safety of the Brazos County citizens.

Wayne has a comprehensive knowledge of the challenges faced by the Sheriff’s Office deputies, jailers, and other staff. That is why he has developed the means to secure treatment and training for offenders with mental health issues. Wayne will continue to work with other agencies in the county to develop appropriate means to help offenders cope with mental health issues. Wayne has also worked with Blinn College to develop opportunities for technical training and workforce skill development for offenders.

Reentry into society is a challenge for those who have been incarcerated. Mental health assistance and marketable job skills will give these individuals a better chance at reentry and will reduce the number of repeat offenders.

Outside the Sheriff’s Office, you will find Wayne engaged in the community. He is a member of the Vestry at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church. He also is President of the Bryan Noon Lion’s Club where you will find him involved in several community service projects.

Wayne Dicky brings experience, integrity, and leadership skills to one of the most important positions in County government. We invite you to join us in supporting Wayne Dicky for Brazos County Sheriff."


Jim and Erin Kracht

Linda Whitfield

"We all know the makings of a good Sheriff, is someone who will be responsible for General law enforcement, who understands the workings of Brazos County, to be a good leader and be a positive communicator with deputies and the different support agencies (fire and police).  In short, someone who knows the importance of service. In my opinion, this description has Wayne Dicky written all over it.


I have known Wayne personally since 2006 (14 years) through the Bryan Noon Lions and who is presently serving as the club president.  Over the years, he has faithfully served on numerous community projects to name just a few, Habitat for Humanity, Radio Mash, leading a flag team putting out US flags in the community on Federal holidays, Texas Reds Grape Stomp, Brazos Valley Food Bank assembling bags of food for kids and senior citizens to make sure those individuals do not go without.


One of the most rewarding of projects Wayne and others of our Lions Club have enjoyed and look forward to participating in annually is working at the Texas Lions Children's Camp located in Kerrville, TX making ready the camp for summer campers with special needs.  Currently, Wayne is serving as Camp Director for 1 year.


I am proud to say, Wayne and his sweet wife, Victoria are wonderful examples of public servants and. I consider them both good friends with servants' hearts.


We, at the Bryan Noon Lions Club are reminded at the end of our weekly meetings...."What do we do?"....ANSWER:  "We Serve"! And Wayne leads the way."

Linda Whitfield

Kay Dobbins

"Hey friends. I'm writing to let you know that I'm supporting Wayne Dicky for Brazos County Sheriff. My husband and I have known Wayne for a long time and I know he is the most qualified candidate. Ed worked at Brazos County with Wayne for several years, and we've been members of the Bryan Noon Lions Club with Wayne for a while now. Now in all fairness, we've known Jason James for quite a few years as well, and he's a really great guy. We actually met Jason in the Bryan Evening Lions Club. He has served Bryan PD really well for quite some time--but that's not the same as managing a large staff, a jail, and a multi-million dollar budget, not to mention all the state and national level recognition Wayne has achieved in his field. Wayne is far and away more qualified to step into the role of Sheriff of our county, and I urge you to join me in supporting him in the March primary. Now I'm nobody special, and I know my endorsement won't garner many votes for Wayne, but I just felt like I had to speak out as someone who knows both men fairly well.  Please think about what's best for our county when you're casting your vote."


Kay Dobbins

"I have known Wayne Dicky for several years through our church and his civic involvement supporting local youth with Junior Achievement of the Brazos Valley. In my opinion, Wayne would be an outstanding sheriff to continue the good works and stability of operations in the Brazos County Sheriff's Office.

Rather than having to undergo a long learning curve, Wayne would hit the ground running from day one when elected. His extensive experience with the Sheriff's Office since 1986, as well as with broader law enforcement, make him stand out in this election as the more experienced candidate.

I would urge voter support of Wayne Dicky for Brazos County sheriff."

Mark S. Browning

"I want to recommend Wayne Dicky, a candidate for Brazos County sheriff. 


I have known Wayne for 10 years. His work as a member of Bryan Noon Lions Club has been noteworthy. He is a person of high energy who is very effective in dealing with a wide range of people. His work in overseeing the operation of the Brazos County Jail is remarkable. As sheriff, he would be a capable voice for the good order of the community.

In short, he is a leader with good judgment. He would make an outstanding sheriff."


Art Roach

"I have volunteered weekly at an inner-city ministry for three and a half years. From time to time some of my friends there are arrested and put in the county jail. Some eventually go on to prison.


God has called me to take on the role of “Advocate”—to visit, write letters, help them from the outside, follow-up with their legal issues, intercede with officials on their behalf, and much more. I had no knowledge whatsoever of the jail or prison system, so God led me to Brazos County Jail Administrator Wayne Dicky. That was indeed an answer to prayer!


In spite of his busy schedule and definitely higher priorities, Wayne has always responded promptly to my requests for help and information. He either answers my question personally or directs me to the exact person on his staff who can walk me through the process. He has even gone beyond my request and contacted Texas Department of Criminal Justice to pave the way for the resolution I needed. Each time he has gone the extra mile.


I consider Wayne to be more than a public official who does his job expertly. He is a kind and caring friend to me—just an ordinary citizen of Brazos County. That is who he is now, and I have no doubt that that is who he will be as our Brazos County Sheriff." 

Barbara H. Knowles

"Wayne Dicky will make an outstanding Sheriff for Brazos County. He is one of the country’s leading experts on jail administration, and has received national recognition for the innovative changes he put in place at the Brazos County Jail during his many years at the helm there, especially for people with mental disorders who are in jail custody. Wayne Dicky has earned the respect of his peers, and was elected to the Presidency of the American Jail Association, the national professional association for jail administrators.


In my work as a professor and an expert on jail conditions, I can say without  hesitation that Wayne Dicky runs one of the best and safest jails I have seen. I have invited him to speak on panels about jail safety and ways to prevent suicides in custody and his perspective is always thoughtful, well-informed, and respectful of both people in custody and his staff.


The people of Brazos County deserve a Sheriff who understands how to run a jail well since that is one of the most important—and potentially risky—parts of the Sheriff’s job. It is rare to find someone of Wayne Dicky’s national stature, expertise, and vision running for a Sheriff’s position, and he has proven himself a worthy candidate many times over. I support Wayne Dicky and hope voters recognize how lucky they are to have the opportunity to vote for such a fine public servant."


Michele Deitch

Mark Browning
Art Roach
Barbara Knowles
Michele Deitch
Uel Stockard

"We have an opportunity to elevate a current member of the Brazos County Sheriff's Office to lead the department. Wayne Dicky currently serves as chief jail administrator and has developed a very efficient operation.

Wayne is an excellent leader and works well with people. He has the ability to identify problems and knows how to develop plans to address the problem at hand.

Through the years I have worked with Wayne on many projects in our community. Experience tells me that he would make Brazos County proud.

Vote Wayne Dicky for Brazos County sheriff."

Uel Stockard

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